Senin, 03 September 2018

Rudy Giuliani just set off a Constitutional crisis with a terrifying threat to Robert Mueller

A new profile of former New York mayor and presidential defense lawyer Rudy Giuliani turned heads around the country when it hit the internet on Labor Day afternoon.

In his New Yorker interview with Jeffery Toobin, the president’s favorite lapdog revealed that Donald Trump is likely to block the release of Special Counsel Mueller’s final report on the allegations of electoral interference by the Trump campaign and agents of the Russian Federation to the public by using the protections afforded to him by executive privilege.

Giuliani said that early on in the investigation, the president’s defense team had “struck a deal” with Mueller that included the ability for the White House to redact certain portions of the eagerly anticipated conclusions of the Special Counsel’s two-year investigation, setting the stage for a battle between Congressional Democrats and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Toobin asked whether or not he thought the president would block the release of the Mueller report, and Giuliani’s response was very disturbing: “I’m sure we will.”

Due to the sensitive nature of the classified information within the final report and the laws that govern grand juries, it’s up to Rosenstein to decide what he wants to release to the public — and Trump can even order him to bury it entirely, or fire him and replace him with someone who will, which would almost certainly lead to a Constitutional crisis and trigger impeachment proceedings.

Mueller is well aware of this threat to his investigation, which is why he’s been using the indictments to reveal information to the public, piece by piece. “He is telling a story through the indictments that he files in court, which are painting a vivid picture of Russian efforts to interfere in the election” noted Cornell Law School vice-dean Jens David Ohlin to

Giuliani just made it clear that there’s nothing the president won’t do in order to keep the evidence of his misdeeds from the public, which is why it’s more important than ever that we win back control of Congress this November so we can punish him when he does.

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